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100 milliseconds: that’s the time it takes to make a first impression.
Yes, that’s just one-tenth of a second. Make it count.

We are

100ms is a video production company specialising in employer branding videos and commercials.

What makes us unique is our background in recruitment and creative film production.

What we do

We create professional videos for brands who want to stand out from the crowd, innovators with their eyes set on attracting a new generation.

Because this generation cares less about clocking in on time or meeting all set targets. They have their own ideas, talents and values. They think different, so you have to act different.

At 100ms, we don’t just understand this generation, we are part of it.

We create

  • Creative concepts
  • Employer Branding video’s & Commercials
  • Postproduction , animations & visuals effects
  • Social media target campaigns

Employer branding video

  • Visibility for latent jobseekers
  • More appealing image for generation Y and Z
  • The ability to show the company culture and human face of an organization
  • Excellent for SEO, video is 53 times better ‘indexed’ by Google than text
  • Reaching your exact target audience by using social media target campaigns


  • Helps to build a strong brand identity for your company
  • Trigger your future clients in less than one minute


Baker McKenzie | Tax Course (45seconds)
Baker McKenzie | Corporate Course (2 minutes)
Baker McKenzie | Tax Course (2 minutes)
Baker McKenzie | Corporate Course (45 seconds)



Coppelstockstraat 50F
1056XM Amsterdam


Remco Hergaarden

Executive Producer


David van Woerden

Creative Producer